All praise due to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’la and Salat and Salam is for the supreme creation of among the all existence Rasulullah sallel lahu a’laihi wa sallam and all the Sahaba , ta’ba and all the Muslim’s who will be coming up to the Qiyamah.

Alhamdulillah Brothers of Horley, Redhill, Merstham, Lingfield and East Grinstead met up in August 2000 and created the “Gatwick Bangladeshi Islamic Community Association (GIBCA), thereafter known as the “Stakeholder” and by the grace of Allah (SWT) in 2010 we purchase the buliding 51-53 High Street, Horely and for facilateing all the Muslims the stakeholder agreed to name our Masjid GATWICK ISLAMIC CENTRE (GIC) as it is very near Gatwick Airport.

Our Mission: 

“Develop a vibrant Islamic Community Centre, providing a holistic yet culturally and religiously sensitive service to the communities within Gatwick Area (Stakeholder) a positive environment, with a view to improving their excellence Islamic way of life and enhancing community interrelationship”

We are currently facilitating all range of people by offering activities such as:

  1. The daily rituals Prayers.
  2. Jumu’ah Prayer- providing sermon (weekly guidance given by Imam) in 3 different languages i.e. Bangali, English and Arabic.
  3. Essence of Hadith/Qur’an  every day 10 Minutes before Magrib Salah.
  4. A Monthly Siraah Mahfil for the Sisters, Every month Last Sunday after Salatul A’sr.( Subject to BST)
  5. Weekly Halaqah- Young People Gathering, every Saturday (Subject to BST) Normally Maghrib-Isha. 
  6. Above all the main focal activity is “The Children Islamic Classes” which has over 70 students attending the classes; this is divided into 4 groups taught by 4 qualified Teachers.

  • Group 1- Al-Qur’an ul Kareem Advance- Consist of 20 Children which is taught by the Head Imam.
  • Group 2- Al Qur'an al Kareem Beginners -Consist of 18 Children which is taught by Assistant Imam.
  • Group 3- Juz A'mma- Consist of 17 Children which is taught by Teacher Hafiz MM
  • Group 4- Qa’idah-consist of 22 Children which is taught by Teacher F. Ahmed and volunteer M. H. Begh

      7. Weekly Dhikr & Dua- Every Thursday night, 12am-1:30am, an excellent way spend blessed Friday night, subhanAllah Imma's gives dars from the Qur'an and Hadith followed by Dhikr and Dua. 

        8. Milad-e-Mustofa Sallel Lahu A’lahi wa sallam every two months after Salatul Jumua’h.

      9. Siraah Mahfil for the sisters, every month last Saturday after Salatul A’sr. (Subject to BST)

     10. Observing Islamic events e.g. - Miladunnabi (SAWS), Lailatul Mi’raj, Lailatul Barat, Lailatul Qadr and Ashura etc.

     11. Darul Qirat Majidiah Fultoi Trust- One month special Tajweed course, every year during Ramadhan or an arranged date with parents.

      12. Annual Presentation Day- Celebrating student’s achievements, attainments etc.

      13. Annual sports day- an arranged date with students, parents and the teachers: Normally on June.  

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