Ramadhan Mubarak

Gatwick Islamic Centre would like to welcome in Ramadan 2014/1435AH. We pray everyone has a blissfuland rewarding Ramadan, in’sha'Allah.

The Coordination Committee of Major Islamic Centres and Mosques of London have agreed that 1st Ramadan 1435 will be on Sunday 29th June 2014.

You can download a copy of the Ramadhan timetable from our Facebook page. 

The Tarawih salah will commence from Saturday 28th June 2014, starting at 11.45PM and Qur'an ul Kareem will be recited by the following huffaz:

  • Hafiz Abu Bakr (Bangladesh)
  • Hafiz Rahim Uddin (UK)


We offer Iftar (breaking of the fast) every evening in the GIC Regular Prayer Hall.


This year there will ONE TaraweehJamat: Weekdays at 11:30 pm and weekend (Friday and Saturday) 11:45 pm..


Please talk to Head Imam for I’tikaf arrangements.

Eid prayer

We will be holding One Eid prayer this year, 10am sharp; speech will start at 9:15am and Door open at 9:00am.  in’sha’Allah

Zakatul Fitr

Originally this was the giving of a certain amount of food to the needy, but nowadays most people give money to pay for the food. This has been set at £5, and should be paid for each and every member of the family, including children.

Zakatul Fitr can be paid from the beginning of Ramadan; we advise people to do so as early as possible, to make it easier to reach the needy recipients in time.

The latest it can be given is just before the Eid prayer, but delaying it this long means there’s no time to get food to the needy for Eid day. Remember, in the time of the Prophet (Sallel lahu a’laihi wa sallam), people gave food directly to the needy, so there was no delay.

The Gatwick Islamic Centre will collect your Zakatul Fitr on Eid day before Eid Jamat; However, You can seek our Imam helps for the earlier arrangement.